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Frank Archer

Eileen Bell

Tom Coates

Fred Cuming

Sholto Douglas

William Dring

Anthony Eyton

George De Goya

James Horton

William Mason

Olwen Tarrant

Herbert Victor Tempest

David Tindle

Amanda Ward

William Ware

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Fred Cuming  (b. 1930)

"Ship to Ship"

61cm x 66cm

Oil on board.


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Ship to Ship - by Fred Cuming

William Dring  (1904 - 1990)


40cm x 30cm



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Earring - by William Dring

Sholto Douglas  (1871 - 1958)


22cm x 26cm



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Provence - by Sholto Douglas Train delayed by Flood - by Eileen Bell

Eileen Bell  (1907 - 2005)

“Train delayed by Flood”

51cm x 61cm

Oil & Pastel on Canvas


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Still Life with Lilies - by Tom Coates

Tom Coates  (b. 1941)

“Still Life with Lilies”

41cm x 31cm

Oil on canvas


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The Moorings - by James V Horton

William Mason  (1906 - 2000)

“The Moorings”

20cm x 28cm



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Burgundy & Claret - by Olwen Tarrant

Olwen Tarrant  (b. 1927)

“Burgundy & Claret”

61cm x 76cm

Oil on canvas


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Open window of a bedroom - by David Tindle

David Tindle  (b. 1932)

“Open window of a bedroom”

25cm x 20cm
Egg tempera


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Herbert Victor Tempest (1913 - 2003)

“Shoreham, Kent”  

26cm x 31cm

Oil on canvas


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Shoreham Kent - by Herbert Victor Tempest San Georgio from La Guidecca - by James Horton

James V Horton  (b. 1948)

“San Giorgio from La Giudecca”

33cm x  25cm



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Amanda Ward  (b. 1951)
"Ringing on the telephone"
35.5cm x 28cm

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Ringing on the telephone - by Amanda Ward Bomb Crater - by William Ware

William Ware  (1915 -- 1997)

“Bomb Crater”

46cm x 56cm

Oil on board


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Uprising - by George De Goya

George DE GOYA  (1915 - 1992)


51cm x 61cm

Oil on Board


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